How to Hard Reset Nokia 6 Ta-1033?

In this article we explained how to hard reset Nokia 6 Ta-1033 model and also prepared a video version.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset is the process of deleting all user data and resetting the phone or tablet to bring the device to its state on the first day of purchase. Hard reset is done from the recovery menu for devices using the Android operating system.

Hard Reset Nokia 6 Ta-1033

The hard reset process of Android phones is generally done from the Recovery menu. You can also reset the factory settings from Settings – Resets section. In some cases where the user password is forgotten or you cannot access the settings menu for various reasons, a hard reset is performed.

Shut down the phone. Press the volume up and power keys at the same time. When the Nokia logo comes up, just release the power button and keep pressing the volume up button. As you can see, the phone did not enter the recovery menu and booted normally.

What you need to do to solve this problem is to plug the usb cable into the device. It doesn’t matter if you connect it to computer usb port. Plug the micro-usb cable into the phone when the phone is off. After the phone starts to charge, press the volume up and power keys together again. Release the power button when the Nokia logo appears, keep pressing the volume up button. The phone will boot in recovery mode.

We have reached the recovery menu.Enter the Wipe data section from the options and reset the phone with the yes option. After the process, it will automatically return to the recovery home directory. Restart the phone with Reboot system option. This might take some time. Do not try to power off your phone.


After hard reset, if there is a Google account in the accounts section of the phone, you will be asked for the old Google account and password on the setup screen after the reset. You cannot complete the installation without logging in to that account. Make sure the phone is charged. Note that all user data will be wiped. Processes made cannot be undone.

You can see and apply the step-by-step operations from our video narration.

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