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Things to Consider When Buying a Power Supply Unit (PSU)

What is a Power Supply Unit (PSU)?CapacityHow to Measure Computer Power Consumption?Efficiency: 80 Plus CertificationsWhat is the 80 Plus Certification?Why is the 80 Plus...



RPMB: A Secure Memory Block for Critical Data

RPMB FeaturesRPMB ApplicationsSeccfg and RPMB: A Secure PartnershipFinaleAdditional Information RPMB stands for Replay Protected Memory Block. It is a secure memory block that stores critical...


Dota 2: A Strategic Multiplayer Battle Arena Game

Dota 2GameplayHeroesStrategyEsportsImportance of Hero SelectionIn conclusion Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Released in 2013, it...
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