Xiaomi schematic & Block Diagram schematic

Xiaomi schematic

In short, a Xiaomi Schematic diagram is a map of electronic circuit boards. Mobile phone motherboards have many electronic parts on them. For example, capacitor, resistor, transistor, processor, ram, etc. The motherboard is woven like a spider web. All parts communicate with each other. The schematic diagram is the map of this communication network. There is information such as the names and values of the parts used. Another important function is which part is connected with which part.

Xiaomi schematic. The schematic diagram shared in this topic belongs to Xiaomi models.

The subject will be constantly updated. New models will be added with the next update.

Added models – Xiaomi schematic

MI 4LITE Download
MI 4S Download
Mi 5 Download
MI 5S PLUS Download
Mi 5X Download
MI 8 Download
Mi MaxDownload
Mi Note Download
Mi_Pad1 Download
Mi_Pad2 Download
REDMI 1 Download
REDMI 1S Download
REDMI 2 Download
REDMI 2A Download
REDMI 2X Download
REDMI 3 Download
Redmi 3s Download
Redmi 4a Download
REDMI 4X Download
Redmi 5A Download
Redmi 6_6A Download
REDMI NOTE 2 Download
REDMI NOTE 1 Download
Redmi Note 3 (MTK) Download
Redmi Note 3 Pro (Qualcomm) Download
Redmi Note 4 Diagram Download
REDMI NOTE 4G Download
Redmi Note 4x Download
Redmi Note 5A Download
Redmi Note 7 Download
Redmi Note3 3Z Download

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