When was the first computer invented? What is ENIAC and its features?

Why did they make ENIAC?

Known as the first computer “ENIAC” in fact was invented in the Second World War to calculate artillery fires to make them more accurate. First order of the ENIAC was given to the Pennsylvania University Moore School of Electrical Engineering by the U.S Army. The order was given in secret and the first electrical computer of the history began its production. It costed 500.000 USD and took 4 years to build by the scientist’s John Mauchly and Presper Eckert. The first trials began at 1945. It didn’t get fully functional until the year 1947, however, with the surrender of the Japanese army on September 2, 1947, such a machine was no longer needed.

What is ENIAC and its features

Where did the ENIAC get used?

After the end of the war, ENIAC, which was generally used in weather forecasts and atomic energy calculations, was also used in many scientific studies such as finding random numbers, thermal triggering, and cosmic ray studies. It is also known that ENIAC is used in the industrial field.

Where Did the First Computer Get Its Name?

ENIAC means “Electronic Numerical Intregrator And Computer ”. It is accepted as the ancestor of today’s computers because it has a programmable and general-purpose structure. What are the Technical Specifications of ENIAC? The first computer in history, ENIAC, was quite heavy and oversized. Weighing 30 tons, the first computer was large enough to cover an area of ​​167 square meters. The following materials were used in the construction of ENIAC, which could process 1000 times faster than the calculators used at that time.; 10 thousand capacitors, 7 thousand 200 crystal diodes, 6 thousand manual switches, 1500 relays, 18 thousand vacuum tubes, and 70 thousand resistors.

Where is ENIAC now?

ENIAC is exhibited today with some of its original pieces at the American National Museum in Washington. In addition, there are 4 parts of the computer, consisting of a total of 40 parts, in the section reserved as the ENIAC Museum in the Moore School section of the University of Pennsylvania, where it was first manufactured.

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