What is Drone?

What is Drone?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are a type of aircraft that do not carry a pilot. They are controlled by a ground-based controller or an on-board computer. Initially, these devices were designed for missions that are very dangerous to humans and unsuitable for pilots. They were used for military purposes when they were first invented, but today they can also be used for other purposes such as scientific research, agricultural use, recreational use, commercial use and observation, police work, peacekeeping missions.

Who Invented the Drone and When Was It Found?

The production and development of unmanned aerial vehicles started in 1916. The answer to the question of who produced the first drone is Archibald Montgomery Low.

What is Drone
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Where Is Drone Used?

  • First Aid and Health: Ambulance drones, which are activated in emergency situations, help people by reaching the needed area much faster during transportation. Medicine, defibrillator, vaccine, etc. It can deliver medical supplies to those in need in a short time.
  • Energy: Unmanned aerial vehicles are used in the inspection of natural gas and oil pipelines, equipment control in power generation facilities, detection of faults in electricity distribution lines, and fault detection in energy lines in regions where human access is limited.
  • TV and Film Industry-Media: Thanks to today’s batteries and engines, unmanned aerial vehicles have reached the power and capacity to carry professional camera equipment. In this way, the scenes desired to be viewed from the air can be easily captured by drones without the use of helicopters.
  • Agriculture: It is used in spraying, irrigation and fertilization of crops in the fields and observing the development patterns.
  • Construction Sector: The construction sector is a sector that progresses within a certain plan and needs to be followed up on a daily basis. Drones provide us convenience in this regard. You can do your work easily and less risky in calculations such as progress in construction sites, height and distance cubage calculations.
  • Security – Search and Rescue: Drones offer the opportunity to view a very wide area from the air. Drones are very effective in protests, criminal pursuit or security situations where the public is crowded. It is very useful in search and rescue efforts in natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms, where time is limited and must be used very well.
Where Is Drone U

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