History of Television

What is Television?

Television, or TV for short, is a communication system that enables the images and sounds broadcasted as electromagnetic waves from a transmitter to be converted back into images and sounds by means of electronic receivers with screens and speakers. The electronic device that delivers the broadcast images and sounds to the receiver is also referred to by the name of the system.

Origin of the Word

The word television is derived from the Greek tele meaning far and the Latin visio meaning see- at the beginning of the 20th century and means to see from afar.

Dictionary Meaning of Television in Education:

A tool that turns electromagnetic waves into a living picture and is effectively utilized in the field of education.

History of Television

History of Television

Television was invented in 1923 by John Logie Baird in the English town of Hastings. The first television image was also broadcasted by Baird in 1926. Originally dotted and jittery, the quality of images was improved later by Baird. Although Baird’s television system used mechanically rotating discs, rival systems operating electronically, such as the Marconi-EMI system, were also produced at the same time. In the early 1930s, television began to be sold as electronic goods and appealed to large masses.

Color Televisions

Color television work gained its momentum in the 1940s. The first color television went on sale in the USA in the 1950s, but color television began to be widely used in the USA only in the 1960s.

Social impact

Until the start of digital broadcasts, the television audience was only a receiver. Thanks to digital broadcasts, the process of interacting with the user began. The fact that the audience is constantly receptive, television is an easily accessible “resource”, and the effect of using effective visual and auditory elements is high, caused many intellectuals to look down on television. Today, the primary purpose of television broadcasting is based on advertising and commerce. However, a psychological effect has also occurred in the society and a disorder called television addiction has emerged.

History of Television
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