History of Smart Watches

Smart Watches

What is a Smart Clock? Smart watches carry a processor and computer circuit inside them. They can do all the operations that a typical phone does.

Of course, first of all, the smartwatch must be integrated with a phone. You can use smart watches without integrating them into the phone, but if you want to take advantage of all its features, you must connect it to a phone.

Smart Watches
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History of Smart Watches

Some of the digital clocks we have used for years had calculator or unit converter features. Among them, there were those that were used as controllers, even those that allowed us to play games. However, when we came to 2010, technology companies started to develop watches with features similar to smartphones.

When Pebble launched its first smartwatch in 2013, it received a record amount of investment and sold more than 1 million products, causing other technology brands to invest in this space. After this success, Apple, Samsung, Sony, and big players in the technology industry were introducing smartwatches to the consumer market one after the other.

At the same time, silicon smartwatches, which are also produced in small sizes, paved the way for their use for other purposes. For example, companies such as Garmin, which supports smartwatch brands such as Fenix, have managed to develop much more robust and featured watches for those who do sports. Likewise, brands like Suunto have released a smartwatch optimized for divers who dive to crucial depths.

Smart Watches

What Does It Do?

Most smartwatches are made especially for specific uses. For example, if you are going to prefer a smartwatch for daily use, the Apple Watch smartwatch will be suitable for you. For example, if you are going to use it while diving, the Suunto smartwatch will be more suitable for you.

Types of Smart Watches

  • Apple Watch: Smartwatches designed and sold by Apple.
  • Wear OS smartwatches: Smartwatches designed and sold by multiple manufacturers using Google’s Wear OS operating system
  • Tizen watches: Samsung’s proprietary operating system designed for its popular Galaxy series smart watches

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