Firefox gets new privacy-focused features!

Firefox gets new privacy-focused features!

You can anonymize multiple profiles with the Multi-Account Containers plugin in Firefox Mozilla VPN. Mozilla combines the Multi-Account Containers plugin with the Mozilla VPN service, which allows you to keep your browser profiles separate, such as your work and personal browsing histories. In fact, Mozilla’s Multi-Account Containers feature has been available in Firefox since 2017.

This feature has the ability to “store” your different online sessions in separate tabs where you can label them with colors, icons, or names. Not only does it store your browser history separately, it also stores cookies and tracking information, which means you can log into different accounts on the same site by simply clicking on another profile.

How to use Multi-Account Containers with Mozilla VPN?

Mozilla’s new announcement revealed that the Multi-Account Containers plugin can be used with Mozilla VPN. Using this addon with VPN has a distinct advantage: the ability to hide the location of different profiles.

 Mozilla VPN?

As explained in Mozilla’s blog post, it is now possible to connect each of the online accounts to a different server. For example, if you are traveling abroad but want to check your bank account when you get home, you can use the plugin to get help from local servers. You can shop in one tab and then check your finances by connecting to the server of the country your bank account is linked to.

Using Mozilla VPN with the Multi-Account Containers plugin will make it harder for servers to track you based on the location you are accessing a site, thus allowing you to further mask your web activity. For example, this is a great way to see what’s trending on YouTube in two different countries at the same time.

Mozilla’s multi-hop feature, which was first released for desktop VPN in September, allows you to route your online activity through two different servers and further covers your online tracks. You can now use the multi-hop feature in the Mozilla VPN Android and iOS app as well. While Mozilla VPN is a new service, unique features like Multi-Account Containers may attract users with privacy concerns.

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