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Casper G4 frp remove done

Casper G4 frp remove done

Casper G4 frp

We have successfully done the FRP process of the Casper G4 phone with the e-gsm tool.

We shared the e gsm tool before. Casper g4 model uses an MT6765 processor. E-Gsm tool is very strong on mtk devices. Also others ( Qualcomm etc.)

Turn off the phone, connect the USB cable to the phone while pressing the volume down and up keys. Tick reset FRP. Start the process and leave the rest to the program That is all.

Casper G4 frp

Here are the logs.

Operation: Remove FRP
Phone Mode : Flash Mode

Waiting for mtk USB device… OK
BootMode : BootRom[COM30]
USB Driver : wdm_usb:10.0.19041.1202:06/21/2006
Port Name : MediaTek USB Port (COM30)
Brom Reconfiging… OK
Storage-Info : 0766|8A00|CA00|0000
Chipset: MT6765
Chipset ID: Helio P35
BR_MEID : 0x7329A66E442B
SOCID1 : 0xC5DA9F6A0222
SOCID2 : 0x529AC1934D6E
BROM sec config: 00000000
BROM sec info : SBC:No:SLA:No:DAA:No
Sending download agent… OK
executing download agent… OK
Preparing first D-Agent sync cahr… OK
Setting device env… OK
Setting device params… OK
Start dump EMI config…
Initializing DRAM [0x800c0000]… OK
Sending second download-agent… OK
SRAM Size : 224,00KB
DRAM Size : 3,00GB
Booting to sec_lib… OK
Initializing engine cryption… OK
Syncing with download-agent… OK
Storage : eMMC
CID : 15010047443642
Boot1 size : 4,00MB
Boot2 size : 4,00MB
RPMB size : 4,00MB
Userarea size : 29,12GB
RNID : D595B8F8265C91
Manufacturer : CASPER
Model : VIA_G4
Board : VIA_G4
Hw-Dev : VIA_G4
BuildID : PPR1.180610.011
Android version : 9 (Pie)
Security Patch : 2019-03-05
Software version : 15547307
Recovery ID : 0X007882B80B95A976D
Bluetooth Address : 34:8B:
Mac Address : 34:8B:
Reading vendor extra information…
Manufacturer: CASPER G4
Model: VIA_G4
Board: VIA_G4
Product: 28
Android version: ALPS-MP-P0.MP1-V5.36
Modem: ALPS-MP-P0.MP1-V5.36
Removing FRP Lock… OK
Rebooting device… OK

All Done by: E-GSM Tool ver. 1.5.1

E-Gsm tool is the topic we talked about here.

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