YouTube closed the advertising revenue of Russian channels!

YouTube closed the advertising revenue of Russian channels!

Supporting the embargoes imposed on Russia, Youtube announced that it will turn off the monetization feature of many Russian channels and put them in the background in Youtube algorithm.

The tension between Russia and Ukraine continues to affect the whole world. The rest of the world reacts to Russia’s attacks with an intense embargo. Private companies also support the embargo imposed by the USA, EU, and UK.

Finally, in addition to Twitter’s blocking of opening an account from Russia, another move came by YouTube. The company turned off the monetization feature of many channels, including Russian state television. Here are the details.

YouTube closed the advertising revenue of Russian channels!

YouTube shuts down the advertising revenue of Russian channels

Making a statement on the subject, the company said, “In light of the extraordinary conditions in Ukraine, we are pausing the monetization feature of some Russian channels on YouTube.” Russia Today (RT), one of the country’s largest television channels, is at the top of the list of these channels.

It is not yet known which channels this ban will cover. While it is not expected that personal YouTube channels will be affected at the moment, this may happen in the future due to the embargo conditions. At the same time, advertising will not be the only obstacle. The views of these channels will also decrease.

YouTube spokesperson Farshad Shadloo said that videos from affected channels will also appear less in recommendations. He added that RT and some other channels will no longer be available in Ukraine due to “government demand”.

This will prevent Russian propaganda in Ukraine.



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