Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock Files -2023

This topic contains files for unlocking the bootloader on specific models of Xiaomi phones. You may need to put Qualcomm models in edl mode to install.

Bootloader Lock Security Features

Bootloader lock is a security feature on some devices that prevents the bootloader from being unlocked. This means that the device’s firmware cannot be modified and cannot be rooted (gaining administrative access to the device’s operating system).
Device manufacturers often use this to prevent users from voiding the warranty on their devices by installing custom firmware or making other unauthorized changes to the device’s software.

The Consequences and Advantages of Unlocking a Device’s Bootloader

If a device’s bootloader is unlocked, the firmware on the device can be modified. This allows users to install custom firmware, such as custom ROMs (modified versions of the device’s operating system), and root the device (gain administrative access to the operating system). Unlocking the bootloader also allows users to access the device’s recovery mode, which can help troubleshoot and repair the device. It also voids the device’s warranty, as it is considered a modification made by the user.


Some disadvantages of unlocking a device’s bootloader include the following:

  • Voided warranty: As mentioned before, most manufacturers consider unlocking the bootloader to be a modification made to the device by the user and thus will void the device’s warranty.
  •  Security risks: Unlocking the bootloader can open up security vulnerabilities on the device, as custom firmware and apps may not have the same level of security as the original firmware.
  •  Stability issues: Installing custom firmware or making other modifications to the device’s software can cause stability issues and can lead to crashes or other problems.
  •  Bricking: There is always a risk of bricking (permanently damaging) the device when attempting to unlock the bootloader or install custom firmware.
  •  Compatibility issues: Custom firmware and apps may not be fully compatible with the device and may not work as intended.

It is essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to unlock the bootloader of a device. It is also recommended to research and read guides before attempting to unlock the bootloader, as it can be a complex process that requires technical knowledge.

Download Area

REDMI NOTE 8RedmiNote5ALiteRedmi Note 5A
Redmi6 Pro SakuraRedmi 6 ProRedmiY3
Redmi 3(ido)Redmi S2Mi Note Pro(leo)
REDMI_4_PRADARedmi 3S,Redmi 3X(land)Redmi 7
Mi 4i (ferrari)Mi Pad 4RedmiNote5 & Pro
Mi 6XMi 8 liteRedmi Note 7
Mi 9 SEMi 9 liteMi 8 SE
Mi Mix 2SMi 6Mi 8
PocoPHONE F1Mi max 3Next Model- Soon


The responsibility for loading Xiaomi bootloader unlock files lies solely with the end user. Xiaomi bootloader unlock process may cause some issues. Make sure you have downloaded the correct model before loading these files. If you do not have previous knowledge, it is recommended that you do not attempt this. As new models come out, they will be added.

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