What is QR code?

About QR Code

If you’re not familiar with Quick Response Codes (QR codes), you’ve probably noticed that they pop up everywhere—online, in newspapers and magazines, on store windows, and in weird, pixelated black-and-white squares and even on t-shirts. Here we will take a look at what these codes are, how they work and how they are used.

What is QR code?

A QR code is very similar to a barcode, but because it carries data in two dimensions (horizontal and vertical), it can hold much more information than a one-dimensional barcode.

What is QR code?

In fact, a QR code can contain thousands of data, compared to the 20 alphanumeric character limitations of a barcode. As a result, a QR code can be used to share multimedia content, a landing page, or an entire ebook. However, QR codes can do more than that – they can direct a phone to perform certain actions. For example, a theater company might provide a QR code that adds not only the person who scans it for showtimes and ticket information, but also information about the dates, times, and locations of upcoming shows to the phone’s calendar.

QR code is unlimited. Unlimited information, messages, videos, and all kinds of content can be transferred in limited areas with QR codes. You can access all kinds of details about the product, from the promotional video of the product to the user manual, in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, in the store, or on TV, just by scanning it. QR Code arouses curiosity. One wonders what is in that QR code, in accordance with the natural human structure. It becomes an indispensable element for guerrilla-style advertising campaigns. With the right editing, it is possible to increase the level of curiosity and increase the feedback.

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When you go out with your smartphone, you can make all your payments without your wallet, thanks to the QR Code. “QR Code Reader” is a fast and simple to use QR code scanning application. QR Code Reader, which is the most successful QR Code application that you can use for free on your Android phone or tablet, can easily read even blurry QR Codes that are difficult to read.

History of QR codes

QR codes were designed by DENSO WAVE in Japan and first came into use in 1994. Although the term “QR code” is a registered trademark, the technology itself is not patented and is therefore available to everyone. An important benefit of these codes for Japanese is that they are one of the most efficient ways to encode Japanese characters. In addition, its high data capacities, small output sizes, and resistance to dirt and damage (QR codes can still be read when 30 percent of the code is corrupted) have allowed this technology to expand into other applications. Also, unlike barcodes that can only be read by a dedicated scanner, many smartphones can scan QR codes, making them an excellent way to provide a large amount of information in a very small space.

QR code programs for ios and android

iOS: QR Code Reader: Qrafter

Android: Apps

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