What Does a Shared Graphics Card Mean?

While examining the features of a computer, almost all of us came across the term “Shared Graphics” card. We answered this question for you today’s article. Graphics cards are hardware integrated into the motherboards of computers and placed to improve their features. Thanks to the graphics cards, we can increase the level of our computers and improve their features, so we have a more fluid and powerful experience.

Graphics cards, one of the most important parts of our computers, they are the hardware that converts the data they receive from the processor into visual information. They take raw data and process it for our sights. Graphics cards are an essential part of processing video and images on your computers and mobile devices. If you are thinking of buying a graphics card, the first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to buy a shared or non-shared graphics card. In this article, we answered the question “ What is a shared GPU” You can keep reading our article to find out the answer…

What is a Shared Graphics Card?

Let’s come to the answer to our main question, what is a shared graphics card? Shared graphics cards are powered by the RAM in the processor. In other words, the RAM feeds both the processor and the shared graphics card. Shared graphics cards use only 1% to 5% of available memory for graphics processing. In general, this rate varies according to the procedure performed.

What is a Shared Graphics Card

If you have a lot of programs open on your computer and you are doing a lot of work, this rate is highly affected. However, shared graphics cards are sold at more affordable prices than non-shared graphics cards. In addition, it is possible to say that the performance of shared graphics cards is lower than that of non-shared graphics cards. Another advantage of shared graphics cards is that they consume less power than non-shared graphics cards, thus leading to a healthy life of your battery.

How is the Shared Graphics Card Used?

There is no need to install a separate driver for shared graphics cards. They come automatically recognized by the system, so we do not need to take any further action. To change the performance settings we recommend that you make changes from the settings in the Control Panel – Power Options menu.

Can the Shared Graphics Card be Upgraded?

Unfortunately, shared graphics cards cannot be upgraded because they usually come built into your processor. In older computer systems, the chip cannot be removed or replaced. It is soldered to your motherboard. You can only enable or disable it. Other than that, the only thing you can do is to change the performance by making some changes on the operation settings.

Shared or Non-shared Graphics Card?

You should make the decision according to your needs. If you are using your computer to watch movies, read news, or visit websites. In short, if you are an ordinary user, it may be more logical for you to choose a shared graphics card. However, if you are going to use your computer for high graphics processes such as playing games and modeling, it would be more logical to choose a non-shared graphics card.

What are the Advantages of Shared Graphics Card?

So, let’s find out what are the advantages of the shared graphics card. As we said above, shared graphics cards are hardware parts that positively affect battery consumption. For these reasons, shared graphics cards heat less because they consume less power. In addition, since shared graphics cards come embedded in the processor, they take up less space than non-shared graphics cards.

What are the Disadvantages of Shared Graphics Cards?

In general, the disadvantages of shared graphics cards are their low performance. It is not usually possible to run games or programs with high graphics with shared graphics cards. For this reason, users who use their computers for such high-performance applications may not find the shared graphics card sufficient. As we mentioned above, if you are going to do processes that require high performance such as graphic design, modeling, and video editing, your preference should be on the side of non-shared graphics cards.

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