Telegram Officially Launched Premium Subscription

Telegram Premium subscription is now officially launched, as promised by CEO Pavel Durov. Telegram Premium will serve as an additional source of income for the service. It will also offer a variety of extras for those who need to get the most out of the chatting service.

All existing features of Telegram will remain free for all users. Of course, future updates will continue to provide new capabilities. Those who want to support Telegram by purchasing the subscription for 94.99 TL per month will gain a few extra and special features.

Premium Subscription
Telegram Premium subscription

What are the extras of Telegram Premium subscription?

Double Limits: Up to 1000 channels, 20 chat folders, 10 pins, 4 accounts (in one app), 200 pins in one folder, 20 public links for channels and groups, 10 favorite stickers and 400 GIFs.

4GB Single File Upload: Telegram currently allows uploading files up to 2GB in size.

More Symbols in Bio: Use 140 characters in your profile bio instead of the default 70 characters.

More Symbols in Captions: Use longer descriptions for your photos and videos.

Faster Downloads: Unlimited speed for media and document downloads.

Voice to Text: Telegram Premium will provide you with an automatic transcript of voice messages.
Ad-Free: No more ads on public channels.
Unique Reactions: Additional animated responses to messages.
Premium Stickers: Special enlarged stickers with additional effects with monthly updates.
Advanced Chat Management: Tools to set the default folder, auto-archive and hide new chats from contacts.
Profile Badge: The badge next to your name indicates that you are an active Telegram supporter.
Animated Profile Pictures: Animated avatars in chat lists and chats for expressing yourself better.
Premium App Icon: Choose from various Telegram app icons for your home screen.

Telegram Premium is currently available in version 8.8 which is live on all platforms. By the way, Telegram 8.8 brings a few changes. For example, you can now send a request to join a public group, create an animated profile picture on macOS, and enjoy smoother animations on iPhones and iPads with ProMotion displays. Telegram states that version 8.8 also brings more than 100 various fixes and optimizations.

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