SpaceX Rocket Traveling Adrift Will Hit the Moon

It Has Been Announced that a SpaceX Rocket Traveling Adrift Will Hit the Moon

a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that lost control after its launch in 2015 will collide with the Moon in the coming weeks. According to the forecasts of space scientists, the collision, which will take place on March 4, will not be able to be traced from Earth with the naked eye.

Meteorologist Eric Berger, who continues to work on space, announced that a SpaceX rocket launched from Earth recently will collide with the Moon. The Falcon 9 rocket was launched in 2015 and has been on a complex trajectory for many years. According to estimates based on the calculations made, the collision in question will take place in the next few weeks. And the forecasts on this issue mark March 4th.

SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket in question from the US state of Florida in 2015. The rocket’s mission was to take a satellite into space that would study the weather in space. However, this rocket went out of control after a while and has been adrift in space for exactly 7 years. The decaying power of the rocket, which does not have enough fuel to return to Earth, is also not at the level that can withstand the attraction between the Earth and the Moon. Berger states that the only thing a rocket in this situation can do would be to hurtle towards the Moon.
Falcon 9 will hit the Moon at a speed of 2.58 km/h

SpaceX’s out-of-control rocket, according to statistics, accounts for exactly 4 metric tons of space garbage. With the impact on the Moon, this garbage will have ceased to be a risk, at least for other useful objects in space. Space scientists say that the speed of Falcon 9’s collision with the moon will be 2.58 km/h.

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