Essential Software After Formatting: Top Programs to Install After a Fresh System Format in 2023

If you have just purchased a new computer or performed a fresh installation, one of the first things to do is to install essential software after formatting. These programs are necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient experience on your computer.

Which essential software should be installed after formatting in 2023? When a new computer is purchased, or a fresh installation is performed, one of the first tasks is usually installing the necessary programs. So, which essential software should be installed after formatting in 2023? We’ve compiled a list for you.

Essential Software After Formatting: An Overview

  1. Update Drivers
  2. Web Browser
  3. Antivirus Programs
  4. Office Programs
  5. Media Playback Software
  6. File Archiving Applications

Update Drivers

After formatting, the first thing to do is check whether your computer’s drivers are up to date. Although third-party applications that automatically find and update drivers are often used, we do not highly recommend such software due to the possibility of incorrect updates causing various errors. Updating drivers through Device Manager is a healthier approach.

Web Browser

Essential Software After Formatting

Many web browsers are available to access the internet, which is the driving force behind digital transformation. If you don’t like Windows’ default Microsoft Edge browser, a web browser should be at the top of the list of essential software to install after formatting. According to a report published by StatCounter last week, Google Chrome leads the field with a 67% market share.

Antivirus Programs

As of 2023, the number of malicious software has skyrocketed. In this period, where we often encounter news of stolen user data, the importance of antivirus programs becomes apparent once again. Therefore, such applications should be at the top of the essential software to install after formatting. Similarly, Windows Defender, which Microsoft offers users by default, can be used. On the other hand, you can also choose third-party options like Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, and McAfee.

Office Programs

If you’re working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, you must install Office programs after formatting. Although Microsoft’s Office suite stands out here, free alternatives are frequently used due to their paid nature. LibreOffice, an office software suite developed by The Document Foundation, can be cited as an example of these alternatives.

Media Playback Software

Although Windows offers users a default media playback application, third-party programs are usually installed on computers after formatting. Many software options, such as VLC Media Player or GOM Player, stand out in this field. You can choose one of these.

File Archiving Applications

Programs and software downloaded from the internet often come in an archived format. At this point, we need programs for file archiving and extraction. One of the essential software to install after formatting is file archiving applications. Users can choose applications like 7-zip and WinRAR.

Installing essential software after formatting ensures your computer runs smoothly and efficiently. Following this list of programs to install after a fresh system format in 2023 can enhance your productivity and keep your computer secure. Remember to regularly update your installed software to ensure optimal performance.

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