Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) MIUI Downloads

MIUI Downloads

Latest MIUI Official Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo) MIUI Downloads ROMs Note: All files listed here are official untouched MIUI ROMs. Download links are taken from the official site.

You can install the firmware to Redmi Note 8 ginkgo with the flash tool or It also happens with programs that support flashing in fastboot mode. For example umt FB flasher.

Notice: If you use the ” Mi flash tool ” do not forget to select the “clean all” section. By choosing this, bootloader will not locked.

Redmi Note 8 ChinaWeeklyRecovery21.10.2811.02.4 GB2021-10-28Download
Redmi Note 8 EEAStableRecoveryV12.0.4.0.RCOEUXM11.02.5 GB2021-10-22Download
Redmi Note 8 IndonesiaStable BetaRecoveryV12.0.1.0.RCOIDXM11.02.5 GB2021-10-22Download
Redmi Note 8 EEAStableFastbootV12.0.4.0.RCOEUXM11.04.8 GB2021-10-12Download
Redmi Note 8 GlobalStableRecoveryV12.0.2.0.RCOMIXM11.02.5 GB2021-08-13Download
Redmi Note 8 GlobalStableFastbootV12.0.2.0.RCOMIXM11.04.8 GB2021-08-10Download
Redmi Note 8 IndonesiaStableFastbootV12.0.2.0.QCOIDXM10.04.0 GB2021-03-06Download
Redmi Note 8 IndiaStableFastbootV12.0.2.0.QCOINXM10.02.7 GB2021-01-21Download
Redmi Note 8 RussiaStableFastbootV12.0.2.0.QCORUXM10.03.7 GB2021-01-04Download

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