Equipment Used in Mobile Phone Repair

Indispensable materials used in Mobile Phone Repair

Soldering Equipmenthot air station – Mobile Phone Repair

a. hot air station

Hot air stations consist of heat settings, soldering iron, and hot air blowing unit. There are also hot air stations as a single unit without a soldering iron.

  1. Hot air station: It is possible to set both the temperature and the air volume independent from each other. SMD is used for dismantlement, soldering by the help of flux of; integrated parts, smd elements, BGA and micro BGA integrated parts and connectors.
  2. Heat regulated soldering iron: The heat regulated, fine tip soldering iron is used for removing, mounting and soldering SMD components. The use of stations that provide ESD protection should be preferred.

b. Heat regulated soldering iron station

They are electronically controlled, high efficiency, and ESD protected soldering irons with temperature adjustment between 100C° and 450C°, different tips can be attached.

Heat regulated soldering iron

c. Soldering iron tip

It is the part that allows the solder to melt by contacting the board and circuit element of the soldering iron, that is, the surface to be soldered. One type tips are not used in electrical and electronic repairs. There are different tips according to the size of the soldering surface and the size of the soldering area. The soldering technician decides on the tip to be used. Quality soldering iron tips are essential for fast and clean soldering.

d. Solder

For mobile phone repair, thin solder with thicknesses of 0.50mm or 0.35mm should be used. It is a metal alloy that provides electrical or signal connection between two conductive paths or two circuit elements. It is a material used in cold soldering of components, soldering of the screen, and charging sockets. For a quality repair, quality solder wire should be used.

solder wire

e. Solder paste

It gives fluency to the solder. Soldering should not be done without solder paste. Poor quality of solder paste; prolongs the repair time, causes the soldering iron tip to deteriorate quickly. For this reason, we should use quality solder paste.

Solder paste

f. Flux

There are two types of Flux: liquid and cream. Usage area of ​​fluxes; In electronic card production and electronic device repairs, Soldering, disassembling, and assembling SMD and BGA components


g. Solder cleaning wire

It is used to clean the solder residues on the motherboard. Cleaning the bga integrated feet requires special precision. Even a single pin break can render the motherboard completely unusable. Therefore, the cleaning wire must be of good quality.

h. Cream solder

It is used to reball the BGA integrated parts. When buying cream solder, we must pay attention to its quality.

i. BGA Stencil

The stencil is used to reball BGA integrated parts. Solder paste is applied to the stencil and reballs are made to the integrated parts. Different types and sizes of integrated parts have pins of different structures. There are different types of stencils according to these structures.

j. Fireproof tape

They are tapes that are not affected by high temperatures (approximately 350C°). It is used to protect plastic components such as sim card reader, memory card reader, etc.

k. Board holder

Since the phone bore is very small, it can shake with the slightest impact and is used to minimize problems such as dislocation of heated parts on it or to ensure that it is not affected completely. There are types such as magnetic, spring, screw, etc. While the boards are connected to the holder; Care should be taken not to break the volume keys and the elements close to the edges.

l. Screwdriver set

Cell phone manufacturers use different types of screws. On mobile phones; There are screwdriver types and scales such as flat, star, Torx, etc.

m. Tweezers

Tweezers are the most important tools in cell phone repair
tweezers; It is used in the dismantling of small chips and integrated parts and in mechanical operations.


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