Attention Android users: Uninstall these harmful apps immediately!

34 new harmful apps discovered that put Android users at risk. They can steal your information and empty your bank account.

34 harmful apps found for Android users!

Uninstall these harmful apps immediately!

Experts from cybersecurity company SecneurX have discovered 34 new apps that put Android users at risk. According to shared information, these apps are more widespread on smartphones in Turkey, the US, Canada, and the UK.

These apps, which managed to pass Google Play’s virus scanning software, infect your device with the Joker, Autolycos, and Harly viruses. With these viruses, they can obtain your private information and drain your bank account.

The harmful apps that you need to remove from your Android phone are:

  • Logo Design Maker – Joker
  • Funny Emoji Keyboard – Joker
  • Animal Doodle Drawing – Joker
  • Paper Paint – Autolycos –
  • Dexterity QR Scanner – Joker
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Joker
  • Fun Paint & Coloring – Harly
  • Beauty Christmas Songs – Joker
  • Epica Gamebox & Hub – Harly
  • Magic Face AI – Joker
  • Love Sticker – Joker
  • HD Screen Mirroring – Joker
  • Phone to TV – Joker
  • Photo Voice Translator – Joker
  • Effect Voice Changer – Joker
  • Quick PDF Scanner – Joker
  • Easy Voice Change – Joker
  • Fast Language Translator – Joker
  • Perfect Face Swap – Joker
  • Effects Photo Editor – Joker
  • Super Emoji Editor & Sticker – Harly
  • Blue Voice Changer – Harly
  • Cool Screen Mirroring – Joker
  • Phone Cleaner Lite – Joker
  • Digital Clock – Always display – Autolycos
  • Live Wallpaper – HD 3D/4D – Autolycos
  • Grape Camera & Photo Editor – Harly
  • Blood Glucose Recorder – Joker
  • Clever Clean – Batter Saver – Harly
  • Album Live Wallpaper & Theme – Harly
  • Shortcut Screen Mirroring – Joker
  • Mind Message – Joker
  • Advanced Cast Screen – Joker
  • Coloring Painting – Joker

SecneurX has made a request to Google to remove the above harmful apps from the Play Store. If you have already installed one of these apps, we recommend changing all passwords on your device. Additionally, resetting your phone to factory settings will prevent threats operating in the background.

What do you think about this? You can share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.

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